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A man who made ‘chicken’ out of flour and water has left people feeling all sorts of emotions.

In a video that has been viewed 9.3 million times on TikTok, the foodie, who’s known as @futurelettuce, explained how to make two-ingredient ‘chicken.’

The recipe instructs viewers to mix plain flour and water in a bowl, then knead until smooth.

Let the mixture sit for an hour, then knead again under water, until the water runs clear.

Season the dough with salt, pepper and paprika before letting it rest for another hour.

After this, twist the dough into a knot and add it to a frying pan with oil.

Add vegetable stock to the pan and leave it to simmer for 45 minutes.

By then the dough should be golden brown – and if you shred it like in the video, it will look like chicken.

Since being posted, the video has been liked more than 1.5 million times and has received almost 37,000 comments.

Whilst the technique left some people utterly baffled, it left others stunned.

One person asked: “D-did you just turn flour into shredded chicken?”

A second viewer wrote: “I think more of us are confused more than anything… I have no words for

Thankfully, someone explained: “Guys this is called ‘seitan’ and what they did was wash out all the starch from the dough and was left with gluten, which is protein.”

“Genuinely curious, if you do not want to eat animals, why make food to taste and look like them?” asked a fourth viewer.

Whilst one person joked: “I don’t claim the energy from this video.”

And another put: “Look – I’m Texan and LOVE meat, but this was super creative. Y’all need to stop hating on vegans and just let them live. Damn. Always so spiteful.”