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The dangers of using fake engine oil.

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March 7, 2018
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May 17, 2018

The dangers of using fake engine oil.

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Fake handbags, fake watches, fake branded shoes, and now fake engine oil!? Like all those other things, fake engine oil won’t have the same features and performance as the real deal. And when it comes to a costly investment like your car, this can result in thousands of ringgit worth of damage.

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They don’t call engine oil the lifeblood of your car for nothing — it performs multiple functions:

  • Prevents friction between moving parts (lubricates)
  • cools the engine by carrying heat away from moving parts
  • cleans sludge from moving parts
  • inhibits corrosion
  • improves sealing

The best engine oils do these things very well, thus improving the overall performance and lifespan of your engine. While all of these are important, the ability of the oil to lubricate is arguably the most important, as it prevents the engine from overheating and seizing.

So, what happens if you fall into the fake engine oil trap?

To begin with, fake engine oil is often either a low grade oil that is passed off as a high-grade oil (along with the price increase), or old engine oil that has been recycled.

In either case, this means your engine oil will not perform as it should, and will likely cause trouble to your engine. In addition to general breakdown, you can look forward to:

  • Engine overheating: Lack of proper lubrication means metal parts rubbing together, creating a lot of heat.
  • Engine seizing: As heat makes metal expand, moving parts will eventually expand so much that they can no longer move.
  • Engine warping: Heat also warps metal, which damages its ability to function smoothly.

If it gets to the point where your engine has seized or warped, you will likely have to replace the engine. Luckily, there will be some fairly obvious symptoms before it gets to this point.

Look out for:

  • Warning light comes on: Newer engines come with computerized monitoring systems that can tell when something is wrong. Pay attention and get this checked ASAP.
  • Rough idle: Bad oil will cause more friction between your engine parts, which will translate to more shaking than usual.
  • Bad acceleration: Lack of good lubrication means the engine will not move as smoothly as usual, which means a serious lack of power.
  • Engine knocking: Comes from the rod bearings, and typically means your engine has developed serious issues.

While vigilance can help save your engine in case of bad oil, not putting bad oil in your car in the first place can help save you all this trouble.

There are several ways to avoid falling prey to fake engine oil:

  • The price: If the price is below market value, it may be too good to be true, and you need to double check the product’s origins.
  • The packaging: Should look appropriate. If it is an older bottle design than what you see on the manufacturer’s website/social media, or has badly printed or placed labelling, these are all red flags.
  • Color and smell: Many counterfeit oils are recycled, which gives it a brown color and burnt smell. Good oil should be golden in color and not have any burnt smell.
  • The seller: Some unscrupulous workshops may sell you fake oil with the service, as customers may not be watching closely what is going into their car. Buy from a reputable establishment, such as trusted workshops, petrol stations or service providers to minimize this risk.

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