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How much do you save when you use Maxx ‘N Go?

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November 30, 2017
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February 9, 2018

How much do you save when you use Maxx ‘N Go?

Getting your car serviced is an unavoidable chore that is part of owning your own car. You likely already know how important getting your oil changed regularly is, especially if you want to keep your car safe and reliable for a long time to come.

Neglecting your oil change is a recipe for disaster. Here are a few things you can look forward to if you run your engine on dirty oil for too long:

  • Engine frequently overheats
  • Rough idle
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Engine seizing

So it’s clear that getting your oil changed is of utmost importance to keep your car in good working order.

However, it’s undeniable that car service is a chore. It will cost you both time and money, both of which are especially precious to busy working people.



We sometimes have to hollow out up to half a day just to take care of getting your oil changed, not to mention the cost of driving to and from workshops.

Just think: What is your personal time worth to you? Here’s an example of what might be involved when you get your oil change service in a workshop:

This of course depends on how far away you live from your preferred workshop. If you’re specific about who handles your vehicle (and really, we don’t blame you), the drive to the workshop can stretch to 45 minutes, including time spent in traffic jams.

It’s a lot of time sacrificed away from family and friends, just to spend most of it sitting around waiting for your car to be done.

So really, how much is that weekend workshop oil change really costing you?

Maxx ‘N Go is a mobile engine oil change service provider — that means we come to you to service your car. No more driving to the workshop and waiting in traffic, saving your precious time.  We will perform your car service at any location in the Klang Valley, Ipoh and Penang — whether at your home, a mall parking lot, or by the roadside.

Besides this, you can say goodbye to 1 hour+ waiting. Coming to you means you only need to hand us your car keys and you are free to continue with your day; we will contact you when your service is done, which will only take around 45 minutes.



Of course, to get anything done these days involves you parting with your hard earned cash. Yes, your oil change will cost you money to pay the workshop, for sure. That alone is a bit of a blow to the wallet, especially if you prefer your manufacturer service center over an independent workshop.

Here are some examples of how much it might cost to get your oil changed at these places:

Here is Maxx ‘N Go’s pricing for comparison:

The savings speak for themselves! Every Maxx ‘N Go oil change comes with free labour, free delivery, free oil filter, and a free 15-point car inspection.

The workshop/service center also most likely rarely has any discounts, whereas Maxx ‘N Go frequently runs promotions on our Facebook to help you save more.

Additionally, we look at the cost for a round trip to the workshop and back home:

Maxx ‘N Go gives you the convenience of booking an oil change to your location, at maximum value. Every Maxx ‘N Go oil change comes with free labour, free delivery, free oil filter, and a free 15-point car inspection, and all our technicians are trustworthy, full-time employees that are Trade Qualified to MoE and MQA standards and have at least three years of experience.

Do you need a gear oil flush or parts replacement for major service? Let us help you with that at the Maxx ‘N Go service center.

Download the Maxx ‘N Go app via the App Store or Google Play store, or go to our website to learn more.