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8 superstitions for cars on Chinese New Year.

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8 superstitions for cars on Chinese New Year.


For Chinese people, Chinese New Year is the time to set the tone for the rest of the year. Most of the traditions and superstitions that make up the New Year celebration are to encourage health, prosperity and happiness throughout the year, as well as to ward off evil spirits and bad luck.

They have superstitions that permeate all aspects of life, even your car! It can never hurt to have an extra dose of good luck, especially on the road. You can take note of these when preparing your vehicle for Chinese New Year to maximise your “ong” this year.

1. Clean your car inside and out before Chinese New Year.

Traditional Chinese do not carry out cleaning activities during the Chinese New Year, as it is believed good luck and fortune will be swept out of the house. As such, cleaning is always carried out a few days before the New Year.

Same as with your house, give your car a good clean before the Chinese New Year, to get rid of bad luck and make way for good luck. This includes getting rid of any junk that may be weighing you and your vehicle down, and giving your car a good wash to bring it back to its original shine.

2. Place something red in your car.

The color red is “ang ang”, considered to be the ultimate luck and fortune bringer for the new year. Plentiful red colored decorations are encouraged to welcome luck, which can also extend to your vehicle.

Some place red packets, also known as “ang pao” or “hong bao”  in their vehicle, containing large money notes (the largest in Malaysia is the RM100 note), as this is said to bring about more prosperity in the new year, as well as increasing your chances of a large windfall (like winning the lottery). We recommend against placing these in an obvious place, so as not to encourage theft.

3. Place a pair of oranges on the dashboard.

Many parts of Chinese superstition are to do with a play on words and their pronunciation. An example are oranges and tangerines, which are a symbol of good luck. Tangerines in Chinese, 橘, sounds similar to the word “auspicious” or “lucky” in Chinese, 吉. Oranges also symbolise riches and good fortune because of their “golden” colour.

Placing a pair of oranges or tangerines on your car’s dashboard brings good luck and prosperity to the owner, and might also be a nice snack when stuck in a traffic jam. Just make sure to replace them afterwards!

4. Avoid placing sharp objects in the car.

It is recommended to shop for new kitchen knives and scissors after the New Year, as using sharp tools like these on the first day of the new year is believed to signify the cutting off of your good luck and fortune.

5. Open your windows on New Year’s day.

It is believed that opening the windows of a house on the first day of the new year, besides being good for ventilation, will welcome good luck into the house for the owner. Similarly, you can open the windows of your car to increase your luck this new year.

6. Don’t drive a car with “X” or number 4 in the number plate.

Traditionally, Chinese people dislike the number 4 as the character for it, 四 (sì) has a similar pronunciation to that of  “death”, 死 (sǐ). You’ll find this applied in some Chinese-owned buildings, where the fourth floor is “skipped” to prevent bad luck. Similarly, it is recommended not to drive cars with the number 4 in the number plate during the new year.

The letter “X” in the number plate should also be avoided as it carries a negative connotation, meaning that whatever the driver does will be unsuccessful, i.e. “crossed out”.

7. Avoid using black cars.

While red and gold are lucky colors for Chinese New Year, black is considered an unlucky color, as it is associated with funerals and mourning in the Chinese culture. Because of this, some Chinese avoid using black during the Chinese New Year season, including not wearing black clothes or using black cars.

If your main car is black and you can’t avoid using it, you can counter the bad luck by placing red items or a pair of tangerines in your vehicle.

8. Throw spare change under the seat of a new car.

One of the lesser known superstitions is to throw spare change under the seat of a new car. This is supposed to be done by friends and family of the driver, and is said to bring good luck and prosperity. It can also be super useful in case you’re ever short of small change to pay for parking.

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