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7 easy tips to being a responsible car owner.

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August 17, 2018
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November 7, 2018

7 easy tips to being a responsible car owner.

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1.Wash your car regularly.

We understand not bothering with this if it’s raining all the time, but when you start being able to draw pictures on your car, it’s time to give it a wash.

You can go the easy way and pay some stranger to do it, or save your money and do it yourself. Water, car soap, a cloth and some time are all you need.

What if I don’t? Your friends, colleagues and fellow road users will be judging you pretty hard, then. The dirt can also damage and etch into your paint, leaving ugly stains and lowering your resale value.


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2. Get your oil changed at proper intervals.

An absolute essential for every car owner. Use the right oil for your vehicle, and get your oil changed at the proper intervals. The main job of engine oil is to lubricate the moving parts in your engine, besides cleaning, cooling and conditioning your engine. It’s super important!

As your oil gets older, it breaks down and may be less effective at lubricating your engine. Besides this, sludge and dirt will build up, which needs to be removed with your oil change.

What if I don’t? Running your engine on old oil will result in bad fuel economy and low power. It can also result in overheating and engine damage, which is expensive to repair. Don’t risk it.


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3. Replace wiper blades as needed.

With Malaysia’s unpredictable weather, it’s important to make sure your wiper blades are in good condition. Properly functioning wiper blades should move smooth and silently, and efficiently clear your windscreen of water for crystal clear visibility.

It’s recommended to replace them every 6 months, or when you start to experience any stuttering, skipping, or other lack of proper function.

What if I don’t? The loud squeal of bad wipers will probably drive you up the wall, besides reducing your ability to see properly in the rain. This will increase your risk of road accidents, besides potentially scratching your windscreen.


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4. Clean the inside of your car.

We’re not asking for a weekly 22-step auto detailing. The interior of your car can collect a lot of dirt that you bring in from the outside. At the bare minimum, dust off your floor mats every week, and go through your car with a vacuum cleaner every month, more often if you frequently have child passengers.

If you tend to eat and drink anything other than water in your car, get rid of wrappers ASAP, and take care of any spills immediately.

What if I don’t? Your car might start to smell, and a dirty car makes for an uncomfortable ride. If you have food/drink wrappers lying around, get ready for cockroaches, ants or even rats to invade.


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5. Change your air filter regularly.

As the name suggests, your car’s air filter filters the air that your engine uses for combustion. It prevents all manner of dirt from getting into your engine via the air intake, so it’s vital to keep it unclogged.

The air filter should be inspected and cleaned at every car service, and it’s generally recommended to replace your air filter entirely at least once every year.

What if I don’t? A clogged air filter means your car can’t breathe very well. This can result in poor performance and reduced fuel mileage. If it gets really bad, it can cause your engine to fail and damage your combustion chamber.


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6. Check and replace your spark plugs as needed.

Spark plugs provide that essential “spark” to ignite the fuel in your engine, allowing your engine to produce the power we all love. It’s constantly in use whenever your engine is turned on, and is exposed to a lot of heat and wear.

High quality spark plugs like Denso Iridium spark plugs can last up to 120,000km, while standard Copper spark plugs should be changed every 45,000km.

What if I don’t? Besides poor fuel mileage and a lack of acceleration, bad spark plugs can result in engine misfires and even surges of power or hesitation, which can be dangerous in traffic. Over time, using bad spark plugs  will damage your engine.


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7. Practice safe driving.

It’s pretty common sense to avoid hitting other cars and objects while driving. A lot of the time, this can be avoided by practicing safe driving. Stay in your lane, and use your turn signals when switching or turning.

Braking and speeding up gradually, as well as paying attention to road conditions can help save petrol while preventing unnecessary wear and tear on your car parts.

What if I don’t? Without considering the cost of an accident, you may still be looking at thousands of ringgit worth of parts replacement. Harsh braking will wear out your brake pads and rotors faster, while going over speed bumps and potholes without slowing down can damage your tyres, rims and suspension.

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