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5 things you must do before Chinese New Year.

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February 9, 2018
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March 7, 2018

5 things you must do before Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Te ensure a happy celebration and “huat” new year, make sure you don’t forget about these 5 essential tasks before the big event.

  1. Buy new clothes

New clothes symbolises new beginnings, which is especially important if you has a rough 2017. A few new pieces will help you look and feel your best when visiting family and friends. Pick out clothes in bright colors, especially red to bring you luck.


  1. Prepare gifts for house visiting

Don’t let yourself be known as the “kiam-siap” one. It’s rude to visit friends and relatives empty handed! Always remember to bring a gift along.

There are a few routes you can take with this:

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  • The budget gifter: Mandarin oranges and peanuts. Tried and true classics that won’t hurt your wallet.

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  • The traditional: Traditional Chinese cookies are flooding the market this time of year. Quality and price varies, so maybe do a taste test if the recipient is someone you actually like.

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  • The big gifter : Give out hampers to show your appreciation for  friends, relatives, and clients.


  1. Do some spring cleaning

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It’s out with the old, in with the new. Also, if you’re going to have visitors, you really don’t want to show them a dirty house.

It’s bad luck to sweep during Chinese New Year itself, so the weeks before are prime cleaning time. Sweep the dirt and bad luck out of our house, and store your brooms out of sight on the day itself to welcome in good luck.


  1. Decorate your house in red

Red symbolises good luck and wards away bad luck and evil spirits, so you’ll want to surround yourself with lots of it. Banners, lanterns and flowers are popular options, and you can even make your own from red packets to save money.


  1. Get ready for “balik kampung”

Driving back to your hometown to celebrate with family? Don’t get too caught up being excited about home cooked food and ang pau.

Besides getting your car serviced and checked over (which is super important, by the way), you should be prepared in case you get caught in one of the legendary holiday season traffic jams.

If you’re travelling with children, have snacks and entertainment on hand to save yourself some headache. Fuel up yourself, so you’re ready and alert for the long journey.

Have a happy Chinese New Year from Maxx ‘N Go!

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