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10 pro tips for female drivers.

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February 12, 2018
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10 pro tips for female drivers.

These tips aren’t just for the ladies — all of us can benefit from being more careful in our habits, especially when it comes to driving. Take a look at our list of 10 pro tips for a safer driving experience.


  1. Maintenance

If you take care of your car, your car will take care of you. This isn’t just about making sure your car doors aren’t falling off — it’s important to keep up with the regular maintenance schedule set by your car manufacturer in order to keep your car in tip-top shape.

Regular maintenance will make sure you have a smooth drive, and will help spot problems before they can affect your car safety or cause breakdowns.


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  1. Quick check

Your car service comes around every 3 to 6 months — in between then, your car might develop problems that need attention ASAP. Most of the time, you can catch these by performing a quick vehicle check from time to time:

  • Petrol — keep an eye on your petrol gauge to make sure you have enough for your journey. (Pro tip: constantly running your car below ¼ tank is not good for your fuel pump!)
  • Oil — check your oil dipstick once in a while to make sure your engine has enough oil. If you are constantly running low, it may mean a leak.
  • Rubber — check that your tyres have enough air and tread. If you have low tread, see any metal showing or notice any unusual bulges, it means your tyre needs replacing.
  • Water — Check that you have enough coolant in your radiator, and water in your wiper fluid reservoir. You can refill your radiator with distilled water (never tap water!) in emergencies, but it’s best to stick to coolant. If you notice the coolant level is low, you likely have a leak.
  • Electricity — Check that all your lights are working, including headlights, turn signals brake and 3rd brake lights. Get a friend to help you with this.


  1. Stay in touch

Stay connected! If you’re meeting up with friends, let them know when you’re on the way, or if you’re going to be late. This is also the case if you need to go to any unfamiliar areas, or to any meetings alone.

Keep your phone charged and with enough active credit so you can call for help if you need to.


  1. Know what to do if you break down

Have a plan of action ready in case of emergency. Do you have a 24-hour breakdown service subscription with your car manufacturer or AAA? Keep their hotline number in your car at all times.

Strangers might come to offer to help as a good deed, but it’s better to wait for the rescue service you called to arrive. Don’t let strangers know you are alone, especially at night. And if you need to wait at the side of the road, get out of your vehicle, as cars are often hit in the emergency lane on highways.


  1. Plan your trip

It’s normally a good idea to check Waze for traffic jams before going anywhere, but you should also take care to inform someone if you’re heading into a risky situation.

If you’re planning a long journey, or need to go to an unfamiliar or dodgy area, it’s best to let someone know in advance which route you will be taking so they can find you in case of emergencies. (Pro tip: Most navigation apps have a “send ETA/status” feature.)


  1. Pick a suitable parking space

The best parking spaces aren’t just the ones that let you walk less. If you’re going out at night, make sure to park in a well-lit area, preferably with moderate traffic nearby and security guards or CCTV.

Many attacks on women happen in lonely parking lots, so it’s best to take the time to find different parking than risk parking in an unsafe place.


  1. Be aware of your surroundings

When you’re walking to your car, have your keys already in hand — don’t waste time searching your handbag for them while standing beside your car.

Make sure there is no one following you, and stay on high alert — don’t play with your phone! If you feel unsafe, have someone like a security guard escort you to your car.


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  1. Avoid provocation

Don’t fall prey to road rage! Be a considerate driver by using your turn signals when necessary, and keep calm when driving. If another driver is being aggressive towards you, take note of their plate number and make a police report later.

And especially don’t return another driver’s aggression, as it’s easy for situations like this to escalate to violence or cause an accident. Your safety is always a priority.


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  1. Always be cautious

Stay alert when driving, not only for other cars, but for motorcycles and passerbys. Many attacks happen when criminals see that the driver is a lone female in a stopped car, so be vigilant at traffic lights or when stopped in front of your house, especially if there is no one else around.

If you need to stop and ask for directions, do it in a busy area, and don’t open your window all the way — just a few inches is enough.


  1. Don’t panic

While attacks on female drivers do happen, they are fairly rare, so there is no need to be paranoid. Just follow our tips and be a smart driver, and you will already lower your chance of becoming a victim.


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